Call for Papers

For accepted presenters:  Your oral presentation should be 15 minutes in length.  If you wish, may use PowerPoint or a similar presentation mode.  As we previously noted, we do not oblige presenters to write a full paper, but do hope that many will do so.  In that case, you could share paper files with those interested via memory stick or the list of emails that we will make available to all.

UPDATE:  The review process has now been completed and everyone who has submitted an abstract has been notified of the result. If you have submitted an abstract and not received notification, please contact Ben Davy ( for more information.

We welcome any topic based on research or theoretical analysis that links planning and law, planning and regulatory instruments, or property rights. The PLPR tradition has been to accept a wide range of topics from scholars in planning, law, or real estate studies. Graduate students working on topics within this realm are especially encouraged to submit and abstract. Practitioners interested in expanding their knowledge through research are very welcome.

Review procedures: The review process was coordinated by Professor Ben Davy, President of PLPR (TU Dortmund). Abstracts were submitted online. Peer review was double-blind, by two independent reviewers.

Abstract Size: up to 400 words
Add 5 keywords and a sample of 2-3 most relevant references from the international literature.
Language of submission and presentation: English
Deadline of abstract submission: October 31 2013.
Deadline for notice of acceptance: a month after the deadline.

We welcome initiatives for pre-organized sessions.  The session organizer should submit an abstract for the entire session and the names of the participants.  Each participant should submit his/her own abstract, stating the pre-organized session name.

Submission of full papers:  Because we want to be open to exploratory ideas, PLPR does not require that participants send a full paper prior to the conference, but participants are highly encouraged to do so.

Special requests for Peer review of full papers:
PLPR does not offer peer review of full papers. However, those in absolute need of peer review of a their paper as a precondition by their university may make a special request. If necessary, we could also arrange for or posting on the PLPR or the Conference web sites (not yet determined). However, we would like to remind participants that many editors of academic journals or academic books do not look favorably on papers that have been posted on the internet prior to publication. A conference review process does not substitute for an academic journal peer review.

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact the organizers at