Post-Conference Touring

Post-Conference Touring Options

The Jewish Sabbath takes place from sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday.  Over the Sabbath, public transport is limited and many businesses are closed.  Given this limitation, we would like to assist you with planning your activities for the Saturday following the conference (15th February) or beyond.

We recommend that participants form groups based on common interests.  We can then assist those groups to organize transport.  We may also ask for student volunteers to accompany the different groups.

Groups may be interested in:
– Walking or other tours of Haifa
– A short trip north to explore the ancient city of Akko (Acre) – 30 minutes drive from Haifa
– A trip east to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee (actually a small lake…) with option of Nazareth as a stop – 40 min drive to Nazareth, another half hour to Tiberius (or an hour directly to Tiberius) from Haifa
– A ride South to Tel Aviv, the buzzing financial capital of Israel and beautiful Jaffa – 1 hour drive from Haifa
– A trip to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and spiritual centre – 1h 45m drive from Haifa

We recommend that participants use Facebook to call for others who may be interested in forming groups for tours.

Alternatively, you are invited to fill in this form and we will put you in touch with others with the same preference/s:

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